Services Provided

    ♦ Review goals and objectives                                      

    Risk tolerance analysis

    Net-worth analysis

    Cash-flow analysis

    Asset allocation

    Portfolio rebalancing

    Portfolio performance reporting

    Tax cost and basis reporting

    Financial position analysis

    Retirement need analysis

    Retirement plan analysis

    Distribution strategies

    Tax planning

    Business tax planning

    Business succession and continuity planning

    Business insurance review

    Buy / sell analysis, financing options and support

    Retirement plan tracking (contribution limits) and maintenance

    Profit sharing tax planning

    Employee benefits plan analysis / implementation

    Executive compensation planning strategies

    Coordination with valuation services

    Estate planning

    Will, trust, powers of attorney review

    Estate beneficiary review

    Estate liquidity strategies

    Family estate planning / education meetings

    Education and guidance on charitable giving strategies

    Tax-optimized estate planning solutions

    Account aggregation

    Document vaulting

    Education Planning

    Education needs analysis

    ♦ Education funding strategies / account ownership options

    529 family contributions reminder

    Conservation of wealth

    Trust integration

    Charitable giving tax strategies


    Business planning

    Business assessment review

    Executive compensation options

    Buy/sell planning

    Key employee compensation and protection

    Employee benefits

    Retirement plan analysis and recommendations

    Partner to help you gain confidence in all financial matters

    Comprehensive life planning process

    Development of individual and family goals and progress tracking over time

    Support and encouragement through the financial decision making process

    Coordination and support for life transitions (ex., death, divorce, remarriage, etc.)

    In-person review meeting (Tri-Annual)

    In-person review meeting (semi-annual)

    In-person review meeting (annual)

    Phone review meeting Internet web meeting

    Offer for review meeting

    Performance tracking / assessment against goals

    Asset allocation based on goals / risk tolerance

    Strategist selection in line with goals / risk tolerance

     Investment policy statement

    Periodic investment statements

    Evaluate alternative investments / diversification strategies

    Restricted / concentrated stock option review and strategies

    Market and economic updates

    Access to secure online brokerage and stock trading accounts

    Comprehensive financial plan development

    Financial plan update

    Net worth statement / analysis / calculation (current and future)

    Cash flow management (current and future)

    Income needs analysis (current and future)

    Debt management strategies / consolidation

    Lease v. buy analysis

    Personal property / rental evaluation and other real estate planning

    Mortgage / refinancing analysis, education and review

    Balance sheet / income statement

    Planning for quality of life enhancements

    Paperwork and account access review

    Budgeting tools and capabilities

    401(k) / qualified plan structure and review

    Pension distribution review / analysis

    Rollover IRA's/Roth conversions

    Medicare gap analysis

    Social Security review / optimization planning

    IRA minimum distribution calculations and reminders

    Life and disability insurance solutions / review

    Long-term care insurance solutions / review

    Medical health insurance solutions / review

    Property & Casualty review

    Employment benefits analysis

    Insurance beneficiary review

    Special needs analysis

    Consulting services and operational advice

    Communication - touch base with advisor

    Communication - touch base with staff

    Proactive follow-up on action items

    Timely problem resolution

    Friendly and knowledgeable support staff

    Economic updates, white papers or other information communication

    Personal / firm client communications (ex., firm newsletter)

    Client event invitations (holiday party, appreciation event, open house, family day, etc.)

    Special occasion cards

    Special occasion meetings / touch bases

    Responsive service time (ex., response to emails or phone calls within 24 Hours)

    Coordination with your network of professionals to align elements of your financial life

    Professional referrals to CPAs, attorneys, mortgage brokers, etc.